Lets Talk Self Love & EMPOWER HER Sessions.

I started these sessions after years of providing boudoir Services. Over the years I have realized that it honestly didnt matter what I could do for you & how amazing the images turned out if you couldn't appreciate YOU! We are our OWN worst enemies and I want to provide women with the opportunity to grow as individuals & change how we view ourselves & our bodies. This session is so much more than a photoshoot. It is your opportunity to allow those walls to come down, your vulnerability to come out and for you to LOVE yourself wholeheartedly.

These Sessions will be booked 6 weeks out. This is to ensure that there is enough time to go through the Empowerment coaching with you, so you are ready for your session. It takes time to change how our minds view ourselves so we cannot rush the process!

ontario boudoir
ontario boudoir
grey bruce boudoir photographer
grey bruce boudoir photographer

what will you recieve

Empowerment Coaching

You will receive weekly coaching up until your session (6 weeks), one on one calls are available, and you will be asked to do small worksheets or tasks (it's not mandatory but highly recommended, this is for you). The goal is to input use of the tools to ensure you know how to handle negative thoughts by retraining how your brain works. Loving yourself comes from within.

Hair & Makeup

You Just sit back and indulge on the complimentary snacks and beverages (pop !!! did someone say champagne). The Beauty Squad is there to glamour you up or keep it simple, whatever your heart desires go bold and outside of your comfort zone or stay true to who you are. We will have you feeling and looking like the Queen you are.

Photo session

At Last we will get to hide away in my bohemian studio space, where I will guide you through movements to capture real and intimate shots. I will ask you to fill out a questionnaire so I can understand what it is you envision for your session (celebrating a goal, a confidence boost, out of your comfort zone ect) We can also just go with the flow and have fun. This is ALL about YOU.

Please note all pricing is subject to change


The Emerald

Empowerment Coaching (4-6 Weeks)
Hair & Makeup Included
Clothing Styling Provided
Photo Book 8x8
15 4x6 Prints
3 5X7 Prints OR 1 8X10 Print
25 Images


The Garnet

Empowerment Coaching (4-6 Weeks)
Hair & Makeup Included
1 Outfit Provided
Photo Book 8x8
10 4x6 Prints
4 5X7 Prints
35 Images


The AquaMarine

Empowerment Coaching (4-6 Weeks)
Hair & Makeup Included
2 Outfits Provided
Photo Book 8x8
5 4x6 Prints
2 5X7 Prints
1 8x10 Print
2.5 hr Session
35 Images


Empower HER Easy & Flexible Payment Plans

our Layaway Payment plans are designed to fit into any budget! (layaway means that you will receive your products within 48 hours once payments are complete)

Please note a 30% non refundable retainer fee will be required to book and payment plans will reflect the total minus the 30% for retainer fee

grey bruce boudoir photographer
grey bruce boudoir photographer
grey bruce boudoir photographer



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"This was the first time ever doing a boudoir shoot and I was so nervous. Amanda made me feel incredibly comfortable the entire step of the way from hair to makeup to the actual photo shoot. I felt empowered, sexy, beautiful and amazing. This was something I was very hesitant to do. I hated my body, felt unattractive and less than desirable. After the shoot I was so empowered, my own self image changed for the better."

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Grab Your Freebie

a Self Love Ebook

Catch a glimpse of what will be provided to you in one of the Empower HER Sessions. you don't want to miss out!

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Whats the difference between the Empower HER sessions and a standard Boudoir Session?

A.A Standard Boudoir session is just that, basic, you come in and have a blast but Hair & Makeup are not included (they can be added of course). But it does not come with the coaching or a few of the other perks. Empower HER sessions are about retraining your mind to rid the hate towards yourself, up level your confidence & work together so you can enjoy every image provided without picking away at the flaws you see.

What if i dont want all the coaching and just want a session.

A.You can absolutely book a standard Boudoir Session , you can find the pricing located in the investment tabs!

Who will See My Photos

A.Your Privacy is my TOP Concern!!
I will only post or show images that have been approved by you. If you wish it to be a secret that is what it will stay.

Who Does Hair & Makeup

A.I work with a few local professionals based on their availability for your session. Please ask if you have any concerns i do only use professional makeup and hair stylists.

What is included for the Clothing Styling

A.We will sit down in person, video call ect to go over your body type and what you feel most comfortable in & choose clothing for you and show you direct link/ store you can purchase items at OR we can go through what you already have and find outfits from there.

What does 1 Outfit Included Mean

A.We will sit down via in person, or video call to discuss your body type and what you feel comfortable in you will get styling advice & Sila Studios will hand select a 2-3 Piece Outfit for your session. + We will go through your closet to find something within your own wardrobe too.

How do you Decide Pricing

A.Pricing is determined on many bases, such as business expenses, gear upkeep, time spent photographing, editing & Hair & Makeup , Outfits if included & the empowerment aspect of the sessions, creating content, and purchasing empowerment material from other entrepreneurs. This is an investment for YOU!

Im Plus size is that an issue?

A.NOOOOOOO !!!!!! Girl all shapes,sizes & colors are Welcome Here!!
Yall fabulous!!!!

Do i have to wear lingerie ?

A baggy sweater and booty shorts with fuzzy slippers are hella cute too!!

* I send out style guides free in your sessions for you to gain an idea of what's possible for your session, sexy is you not the clothes you wear, or lack of clothes you wear. It's how you present and view yourself that is sexy !