When you book me it's more than photos, it's the experience from that first message to well after the images are delivered. I want to get to know you not as a client but as a person. I want to hear your joys in life and support your passions. watch your families grow & I want you to have an INCREDIBLE experience.
What i will do for you is think of the extras, look for the hair elastics around your wrists, the extra bobby pins, hairspray or lipgloss for touch ups. I want to make this as seamless as possible, you aren't investing for someone to just snap pictures.
I am here to awaken what your vision is, to go out and search for the best location to carry out said vision, I want to help you find the best outfit to wear, how to style your hair or do you makeup. I want you to laugh until you almost cry, enjoy yourself, have fun, let loose and get lost behind the camera from a session that is more than you could have imagined.

To Book Please Fill out a detailed Questionnaire so we can start designing your dream session.

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im really not your average photographer. I am a weirdo and will ugly laugh and snort during your session. FREAK OUT when you and your hunni look cute asf. get to know my more about my weirdness!

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